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Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Jude and I am a 51-year-old mother of four, living in Manchester. I have always been interested in health and fitness, and at forty years old trained to be a Personal Trainer. I then specialised in pre/post-natal care. Since then, I have completed Health & Wellbeing courses with a certification in Peri-to-Post Menopause, in order to advise and support women to be the best versions of themselves going into this third age.

As I started my personal menopause journey, one of the things I suffered with mostly was hot flushes (also known as hot flashes). I found that there was little research and a small market for menopausal women, and I felt helpless and uninformed.

Utilising my background in design and textiles, I researched loads of different fabric blends and styles of clothing. The most effective was what I have called “the Sensation Cooling Scarf”- a smooth scarf made of a unique microfibre material that stays cool and refreshing. To find out more about this product, press here!

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope my product can help you as its helped me! On my ‘contact’ page, you can also email or message me about any personal queries you may have throughout your own menopausal journey. I am here to help and welcome all questions and other forms of feedback!



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