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The Sensation Cooling Scarf

Your Shake-and-Go Cooling Aid

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Hot flashes (or flushes) are uncomfortable, stressful and anxiety-inducing. They hit at the most unplanned and inconvenient times; in a meeting, on a walk, or at an event. It can make you feel humiliated and self-conscious and can finish in hysterically cooling yourself with water or the taking off of layers of clothing. 

In fact, hot flashes are normal; "more than 80% of women experience hot flashes (HFs) during menopause" and "constitute one of the most common symptoms of menopause among women" -link.  Previously, doctors have recommended: dressing in layers, carrying a fan, and using ice packs. These are not only impractical, but at times inappropriate and impossible to do. 


About The Sensation Cooling Scarf

This scarf is the first of it’s kind and does exactly what it says- it instantly makes the user feel cooler and refreshed. Prior to the creation of this scarf, I tried to find a practical cooling product. Those that I came across were either too heavy (filled with gel), or needed to be cooled in the freezer, and certainly could not be worn out. 


When it needs “re-charging” simply give it a shake in the air and hey presto – it’s cold again.

This scarf is light, fashionable, and needs no preparation to be effective. 

As soon as you drape it around your neck the cooling sensation provides some immediate relief due to the nature of the fabric which keeps cool and accelerates heat evaporation. 


It's so versatile too- I’ve even draped it over my pillow at night when my flashes get worse! Wear it wherever you want; wrapped around your head, around your neck, or wrapped as a shawl! This product is safe, simple, easy to use.


Your product will arrive in a small pouch, making it easy to be carried around and taken out for use whenever necessary.


£24.99 + Free delivery

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