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The Sensation Cooling Bedding

Your Move-to-Cool Sleeping Aid

Hot flashes (or flushes) are uncomfortable, stressful and anxiety-inducing. They hit at the most inconvenient times and make us feel humiliated and self-conscious. Doctors suggest ice packs, or hysterically taking off of layers of clothing, but this is impractical and doesn't help! 

If more than 80% of women suffer from HFs, why isn't there a remedy?


About The Sensation Cooling Bedding

Note: the bedding is oversized, fitting single to double beds!

Experience the ultimate sleep solution with our Sensation Cooling Bedding. Designed to provide immediate relief from night sweats and hot flashes, this bedding set is the first of its kind to offer such advanced cooling technology without any preparatory hassle.

Our bedding is lightweight, soft drape, and designed to be immediately effective. Just like our renowned cooling scarf, the bedding needs no pre-cooling; it’s ready to soothe as soon as you lie down. If you ever feel the cooling effect wane during the night, simply move to cool, and enjoy the refreshing feeling.


Extra Information:

  • Machine Washable: Easy care for everyday use.

  • No Refrigeration Required: Ready to use without any fuss.

  • Full Bedding Set: Includes sheets and pillowcases.

  • Dry and Odourless: Maintains a clean and fresh feeling.

  • Natural & Non-Toxic: Free from chemicals and gels, ensuring your health and comfort.



£79.99 + Free delivery

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