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Vitalix CBD

What is CBD? Hemp is one of the oldest useful plants of humankind and offers many different possible uses. CBD affects the endogenous human cannabinoid system, which regulates many biological bodily processes. Vitalix products can be essential aroma oils- to chill out, for activity, and for pets.


Below is a selection of the numerous products offered! If you are interested, please contact me separately and I will advise on what is best for you!

For Skin:

Regenerating and moisturising broad spectrum lotion with CBD- 


Edelweiss – the ‘eternal flower’ – effectively pro- tects against UV rays. It protects cells and binds free radicals. Apricot kernel oil and jojoba oil activate the skin metabolism and deliver moisture. Hemp oil has a soothing effect on the skin and is ideal for sensitive skin.


Extra strong 500 mg CBD- for sensitive skin

Liquorice root has a soothing effect on inflammation, redness and itching. Hyaluronic acid ensures firm connective tissue. Ectoin – a natural molecule – protects the skin from stress. Shea butter and jojoba oil nourish and moisturize the skin, while soothing and calming sensitive skin, irritated and highly stressed skin areas.


For strong hands

Regenerating, easily absorbed CBD hand cream

Hemp oil supports the natural protective barrier of the skin and calms the skin. Almond oil and panthenol provide moisture and have a regenerating effect. Protects the hands day after day and gives optimal care to the skin


For Light legs- care balm with CBD:

Strengthens veins and connective tissue, cools and cares for burning, dry feet

Horse chestnut is known for its vein-strengthening and edema-reducing effect and helps against water retention. Arnica and verbena have anti- inflammatory and healing effects. Cares, protects, cools, refreshes and revitalises stressed feet and legs.

Anti-Aging Face Cream with CBD

revitalises, moisturises, smoothes wrin- kles and protects sensitive skin

Oat kernel oil has a soothing effect and protects the skin from inflammation. Hyaluronic acid firms the skin and counteracts the loss of elasticity. Vitamin E regenerates the skin and shea butter and jojoba oil deliver intensive moisture.


For delicate lips

Nourishing lip balm with CBD

Almond oil and apricot kernel oil deliver moisture; Nourishes and protects lips from wind and weather

For Muscle Healing:

For sore back and joints

Warming CBD emulsion activates tired muscles during sports; promotes blood circulation and mobility

Ginger has an anti-inflammatory and strongly warming effect. Wintergreen and arnica are proven active ingredients in pain-relieving rubs, rosemary oil has a stimulating effect and promotes blood circulation.


For Sports and Exertion

Cooling joint roll-on with CBD regenerates and cools joints after sport and physical strain

Menthol and peppermint expand the
blood vessels and trigger a sensation of cold, camphor develops a slightly anaesthetic and pain-relieving effect.

Essential Oils- relaxation and calm

Essential oils are natural, highly

concentrated substances, which are

obtained from different parts of plants

and consist of up to 160 individual

ingredients. They protect the plants

from diseases and attract insects. Most

essential oils are obtained by steam

distillation, some by cold pressing or


Essential oils have a positive effect on

body and mind, because the sense of

smell is directly connected to the

limbic system of the brain, the switch

point of our emotions. Essential oils

can influence our mood, stimulate our

senses and stimulate our self-healing

powers. They are used in diffuser

lamps, in the bath, with compresses

and wraps, for inhalation and as

massage oils.

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VITALIX Wellness essential oil mixtures are 100% natural and contain a high level of effective essential oils in fractionated coconut oil. Highly effective combinations can be created with our exclusive aroma jewellery collection.

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