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Magnetix Products


The magnetic products can come in the form of rings, earrings, bracelets, oils, and small heart-shaped magnets that can be easily attached to clothing. There are 100+ products available, and below are the most popular and accessible.

To find out more about the other products offered, please contact me below for a consultation about what is best for you!


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Negative ions instinctively do many people good - we gather this knowledge in our jewellery and accessories, close to the body, close to the skin. Combined with the power of magnets and sparkling crystals, you always have your beneficial companion with you, even during sports. Thanks to the skin-friendly silicone in which quartz crystals and minerals are incorporated. So you can recharge and feel invigorated wherever you are.

Flexi Jewellery


  • Easy to slip on

  • Perfect fit

  • Comfortable with swollen knuckles

  • Feel the power of the magnets close to your skin

Other Products

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If you are interested in a free phone-consultation about magnets and would like to find out more about pricing, the other products available, or about Magnetix Testimonies then please contact me on the form to the right.

I can also help in listening to your problems and advising 

which product is most suitable for you.


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